Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Weekend

My friends and I had some good old-fashioned Halloween fun this past Saturday.  We painted our faces, stuffed our bellies, watched a horror/comedy, and sliced up a pumpkin or two.

I kind of regret not painting my whole face but this was after trying my hand at another mask (involved lots of bright red lipliner) and scrubbing it all off.  Inspiration is pictured to the right (Crystal Overload).  Next year I'm definitely buying some liquid latex and experimenting with the gory looks on YouTube.  [Disclosures]

Makeup used: black e.l.f. eyeliner, some cheap matte brown eyeshadow, white eyeliner, Jordana Fabu Liner liquid eyeliner pen for the "cracks"  (love this eyeliner, makeupalley), baby powder

Playing makeup princess (credit: Lindsey)

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
Favorite quote: "Hey college kids!"

This movie was...cute.  There were a few clever jokes interspersed with tongue-in-cheek horror references, little bit o' gore, and romance.  Tyler Labine steals the scene as Dale.  Wash is alright.  I would recommend this movie to those who want a little fright but aren't typically horror movie fans.  Maybe you'll be one of those viewers who found it uproariously funny?  (I didn't)  Available on Netflix.

While the movie played in the background, we carved pumpkins.  Here was my second fail of the day as I felt ambitious and attempted Mona Lisa on my squash.  The eye bit was tricky and it fell off entirely on one side. I just turned it around and did some simple stars and a crescent moon to salvage my work.  My sister said the Mona Lisa portion is "part Marilyn Manson and part Virgin Mary," which I rather like the sound of.

Moon & stars pumpkin

My excuse for the Mona Lisa fiasco is, my buddy's boyfriend purchased some excellent bourbon called Buffalo Trace and, of course, being a big whiskey/scotch fan, I partook.

Buffalo Trace Distillery has history going back to 1773.  This bourbon features a true and distinct caramel/vanilla finish.  We sipped it with some ice but it is so smooth it would go down easy on it's own as well.  I tend to crave more savory food so while this isn't my favorite bourbon, it's still very good and one I would suggest for dessert mongers and whiskey newbies. 


  1. omgosh i have to say the right side of your face is absolutely gorgeous!! lol like seriously stunning haha!! the other side is freaky haha! that's some impressive makeup skills!

    1. Thank you!!! So flattered especially coming from you! ;) Been following your blog for a long time so your comment means a lot. Kinda like a celebrity giving me an autograph lol

  2. Girl, you look incredible! I've never managed such complex makeup before. Well done!


    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it

  3. Wow! Good job on the makeup and pumpkin! Love it!!


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